About our foundation

The M-MARKET Foundation was established on 14 July 2014. The Chairman of M-MARKET’s Board of Directors decided to share his entrepreneurial successes with people who have been less lucky in their lives – individuals who need a helping hand and support. Upon its launch, the Foundation partnered with the non-profit organisation “Centre for Philanthropy,” which helped turn our socially-oriented ambitions into practical activities, helping us create and implement our strategy and administer our grant programmes. 

Our grant programmes are primarily aimed at helping children and young people. Children are our future, so we support them in developing their potential and talent in areas such as sports and culture. We also contribute to children’s education as regards crime prevention. Our foundation has also helped several citizens’ associations, supported a history book, and competitions and sports camps. We also assist families in need and families with young children with serious health problems.

In 2016, our cooperation with the Centre for Philanthropy gave rise to a partnership with the StartLab crowdfunding platform. The platform is designed for creative minds, start-ups and members of the public with interesting ideas, who need funding to turn their ideas into reality.

Grant projects

Amount donated so far: